God’s Presence

I have a plague sitting on my desk.  It’s a picture of a woman’s front face and up to the wrist part of her folding hands with her forehead resting on her folded thumbs.  Her eyes are relaxed and the forehead showed appearance of focusing.

Her look reflects on what I would feel like when I am in a deep prayer.  When I am in a deep prayer, my surrounding is like a ripple leaving from the center and going further and further away from me.  As this ripple becomes bigger and bigger, the images of my surrounding become less and less dense and the colors gradually fade away.  In this undisturbed center is me focusing my mind on communicating with God.  I am not asking God any questions, just being there to sense God’s presence.  When I feel God’s presence, my heart starts to feel warm, feel loved, at times, feel overwhelmed with joy yet peaceful.

If I had gone to God for any concern, after feeling God’s presence, feeling his love and peace, I would come away with my concern being disappeared.  Yes, I cast my burden away, knowing that God loves me, and whatever happen, would be out of his love to me.


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