I Am Astonished with Delight

Never Too Late to Learn Something Brand New!

I am retired several years ago, but keep active in many areas. I try to keep a good balance of my activities:

Spiritually – I enjoy my daily devotion and contemplation; attend bible study groups to feed my inner being.

Mentally – I read. In fact, I find interesting in reading my husband’s several men’s magazines. I write. When thoughts come, I write on the back of a receipt or a napkin. I research. When I have an issue to discuss with my doctor, I always do my research before I go.

Physically – Other than going to the gym to work out with machine, going for walks, I started doing yoga two years ago and getting better and better in my balancing on one foot.

Emotional – I enjoy listening to classical music and opera. My favorite is the 2-CDs with all the Adagios (slow movement) from great compositions. I do gardening as part of my emotional therapy; and let the beauty of nature flood my soul with delight.

Kinesthetically – I always like ceramic painting.  I took a ceramic painting class with my daughter one summer when she was nine years old. I love doing it even since.

Out of my routine, I found a SURPRISE and it delights my soul:

In the fall of 2015, I thought I would try to learn watercolor and drawing. These are the two things that I always want to do in my whole life but didn’t have time to do. There were so many priorities and deadlines to meet that I never thought of sitting down to draw or to paint.

I took beginning classes on both subjects last fall.

I seem to have good visual perception of proportion, contrast, space and relationship in drawing.

In watercolor, I seem to learn the techniques quickly: wet in wet, wet on dry, glazing, negative painting, painting in different values of the colors.

I surprised myself with the progress I made in both drawing and watercolor in the first three or four months of study! I did so well that I DARE to do a painting for my daughter and son-in-law’s 5th year anniversary in May 2016!


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