Here are a few more pictures from our Spain trip. I like to take pictures on our trips for several reasons.

Firstly, when I go to the gift shops to get some souvenirs, I always look at the postcards. I only buy the ones that I couldn’t take with my camera.  When I compose my pictures, I also compare my pictures with the postcards, just for the purpose of capturing the popular scenes.

Secondly, after traveling for so many years, I would like to take inventory of where I have been. Pictures worth a thousand words.

Thirdly, I do have a commission before going on the Spain trip. My watercolor instructor asked me to take some pictures to bring back for watercolor ideas. When I took pictures in Spain, I asked, “Could I paint this picture?” I saw quite a few oil painters in the market place painting some popular scenes. That gave me ideas of which angles I should aim at for my pictures.

A few pictures from each city.




Barcelona – The city building is designed by Antoni Gaudi


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