Chill and Shiver


Daily Prompt: Shiver

The unstoppable chill and Shiver

Are still as vivid as present.

Lying in the hospital bed,

While chemo drugs

Dripping into my vein.

“As the side effect of chemo drugs,

You’ll have flu-like symptoms

Such as chill and shiver.” The nurse said.

With anticipation yet not knowing

When it would happened,

I was helplessly waiting.

Oh, it came!

I clenched my teeth,

Tightened my fists,

Curled up my body,

Tried to hold it still.

No! Useless effort!

A button I had to press.

The nurse came with

A shot to the IV into my vein.

The muscles relaxed,

The shiver subsided.

I was good for the time being,

Prayed for strength and endurance

Until the next round coming.




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