Weekly Photo Challenge – New Horizon

There are 16 days left for 2016. What is my 2017 Resolution? Well, I started doing something different already. My resolution would be that this will become my new routine.

My husband works out four days a week,  and rides his mountain bike once a week. He recommended was that I work out the same routine as his two days a week. I do my own routine once a week, and swimming once a week. I still hope that the gym finds good instructors for yoga, so that I could do yoga once a week.

In the afternoon, he runs around Laguna Lake four days a week. He recommended that I walk while he run.

These are good challenges to me! I will have to do some time management. So far, I have been doing those with him for several weeks. The photos are our new workout routine. Except when he lifts 200 pounds, I lift 20-30 pounds! We take turns to do 2 sets of 16 counts each.



Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

– Photos by Miriam Hurdle


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