Enthusiasm in Learning

When I was working in the school district as administer, I held a five-year, Tier I, non-renewable administrative credential. By 1997, I realized that I had to go back to school to get my Tier II, permanent credential. I checked out all the universities within reasonable driving distance that offered such a program. I came across that University of La Verne had a two-year Tier II Administrative Credential Program. The exciting fact was that they also had a three-year program that included the Tier II Administrative Credential, plus the Doctoral Degree. I was very interested in this program.

I started school with enthusiasm. Most of the doctoral students finish the three-year courses, and then take some years to complete the dissertation. At La Verne, students have the choice of completing the doctoral program in three years. It means that when students take the third year courses, they also complete the dissertation.

There were three classmates who were interested in the three-year doctoral program. I decided to join them. Year 1999-2000 was the hardest year I had ever worked in my whole life. I worked full time, took full time courses, plus completed my dissertation.

My husband was very supportive. For three years, he watched TV with the headphone on, so it would not disturbed me when I did my assignments. I dedicated my doctoral degree to my lovely, supportive husband.


Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm


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