Water Filter


We moved into a new home thirty years ago. A salesperson convinced us to purchase a Whole House Water Filter System plus the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System. He presented to us that the purchase came with five years supplies of all the cleaning products. It included laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, bar soaps, and more. He said the five-year supplies would save us the same amount of money for the purchase. He also demonstrated, using our tap water to show the difference of the water with and without the filter. We were impressed, so we made the purchase. It turned out that it was the best value of purchase we have ever made. The supplies did last for five years.

Whenever we travel, we could tell that the water elsewhere is not the same as the water at home. When we go to the restaurants, I could tell if the water served is tap water, or filtered water. Water with more minerals makes my skin and hair dry. My skin and hair like the filtered water at home, and I like to drink the filtered water. When we moved Twenty-five year ago to our current house, we brought the system with us, and had it professionally set up. I have enjoyed the soft water for thirty years.

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