Acknowledgement of Awards

It is with my great pleasure to acknowledge the following nominations. Even though I’m not accepting any more awards, my lovely friends continue to shower me with their blessings of the awards. I feel your love for me and want you to know that they mean a lot to me.

The following 4 nominations are received in the last 5 days, February 5 – 9, 2017.

The Mystery Blogger Award from Judy Redic at  was received on February 5, 2017. See nomination link.

1464702_538662386224030_1139732679_n         mystry-blogger-award-logo


The Blogger Recognition Award was received from Delhi at on February 5, 2017. See nomination link.

34df111ff15e1b437a948ccb09db969b            blogger-reg-award3


The Versatile Blogger Award was received from Jyoti at on February 8, 2017. See nomination link.

4c5446b994fcbe9b13a35422700d4e71            20170208114206


The Blog-aholic Award was received from susmitamukherjee at on February 9, 2017. See nomination link.

stairs-lights-abstract-bubbles1         blog-aholic-award

My dear bloggers, please visit their wonderful blogs and accept any or all of the above awards.



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