Hot – Lukewarm – Cold


There is something about lukewarm and its undesirability. I prefer my food and drink hot. The higher temperature of the food or drink brings out the intensity and the peak of the desirable flavor. Some food or drink taste better when they are cold such as ice cream or soda. Imagine drinking the lukewarm soda! There’s no fizzy carbonation in my mouth or in my esophagus as I swallow! What would it taste like to you?

I don’t eat a lot. Perhaps I have a small stomach. Every bite I eat counts. I want to take in every bite that I enjoy, because it doesn’t take too much to fill my stomach.

We went out for a soup and salad lunch today. I got my salad and hot coffee. The restaurant usually serves hot soups – hot but not boiling. I got my regular New England clam chowder soup. I took the first spoonful. It was lukewarm. I scooped to the bottom of the cup, hoping it would be hotter. No, it was still lukewarm. I simply put it aside, because I didn’t taste the clam flavor, it tasted just like any other kind of cream soup. I saved my appetite for other food items I desired.

I only ate what I desired to eat, so we had an enjoyable lunch.

Application: “To get the most out of our lives, do the things we love to do, and do them with enthusiasm, not with a lukewarm heart or mind.” – Quote from Miriam Hurdle


On one trip, we drove to the top of the volcano in Maui. There is a pile of lava rocks. A trail was created for people to climb to the top. There I was – waving my hand.

Daily Prompt: Lukewarm


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