My Valentine

I painted this ceramic piece for him a couple years ago.



It was serendipity that we met

Summer had not started yet, but

It was the final week of school

Decided to go to

a group that met at a home

We chatted, we snacked

You asked what I did for fun

I smiled, didn’t answer the question

Then flexed the arm to show my muscles

Under your shirt were bigger muscles

You looked at me with a smile

You worked out also, for quite a while

The whole night, I didn’t see other guys’ faces

You occupied my entire mind’s spaces

Time was flying by and we said “Good night”

I knew I was in love with you at first sight

No more home meetings in summer, but

You had my phone number

Remember our first date?

We went to the gym on a late Sunday.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Color of Love


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