WPC – Against the Odds, Family Trip to China


What are the odds to have seven people from four families in one extended family in US to take a family vacation to China? These four families live between 40 to 1,000 miles apart and in two different states in US. Out of the seven, six people were working for different companies with different vacation schedules. When I first contacted the travel agency in US, the agent said if we had ten people, we could have our private tour – a private van with a private driver. Initially we had nine people. After contacting the tour company in China, the travel agency said they could accommodate nine people for a private tour.  We proceeded with the booking. Shortly after that, one couple was not able to go. Since the tour company from China made the arrangement, they decided to take seven people for a private tour. We went to Beijing. Xian, Guiling, and came back to US via Hong Kong, so that we could stop by to visit my family. It was against all odds that we could make this memorable family vacation. As far as photos, I am showing the photos of the first city – Beijing. In Beijing, We visited the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Great Wall.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


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