Tuesday Photo Challenge – Nostalgia, Hong Kong

I have been living in US for 40 year by March 21 this year. Longer than I had lived in Hong Kong. I only have one sister in US, the rest of my side of family is in Hong Kong. So when it thinks about Hong Kong, I have a nostalgia feeling. I love to see my family. I like when everything and everybody is so close by. Skyscrapers are getting taller and taller. I’m glad the landmark historic building of Clocktower is still there. Even though it was relocated but it’s still within the same proximity of the old location. Without the Clocktower, I would have gotten lost with all the new buildings. Life in Hong Kong is very exciting. People stay late, walking on the street, going to late movie. and buying food from the street peddlers. They don’t go home until midnight.






Tuesday Photo Challenge – Nostalgia



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