Learn a New Song

I am taking three classes from the OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) program. One of them is Chorale. We learned a new song yesterday. I only posted some sample pages of the song. The rhythm of this song is pretty fast. When we did the sight singing the first round, we tried to enunciate every word while learning the tune of the music. There are many sixteenth notes, that is 1/4 beat. For some phrases, we couldn’t sing fast enough to put every word correctly to watch with the notes, we often slurred through the music. After we sang through it once, we went back from the beginning to learn by sections. The director had us say the words in rhythm, then sang it slowly until we got the lyrics and notes matched. By the end of the first hour of rehearsal, we got it down quite well. We were able to sing through the whole song with the intended speed, and enunciate every word for every note. We were so happy with our progress!


Daily Prompt: Slur


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