A Love Letter



Dear Mercy,

I’m so proud to have you as my daughter. You gave meaning to my life! For over ten years when you were young, I overlooked my disappointments and emotional turmoil. All I could see was your beautiful smile. It gave me strength to move my feet, one step at a time.

You delighted me with your intelligence and made your learning fun. You were like a sponge, soaked in every new learning as fast as it came. I described you as book gobbler as you read books after books in such a fast pace. You were placed in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program at third grade. You had great confidence in yourself thanks to your second grade teacher Mrs. Uken. You told me she wrote “You can do it!” on the chalkboard and left it on. When we learned new things together, I said, “I can’t do it!” You said, “Mom, you can do it if you believe you can!” I had to agree with you.

You were so kind and generous with your friends. When you had friends coming for “sleep over,” you sent them off the next day with a bunch of your toys.

I was sad when you were taken away from me and moved to Oregon, 750 miles from my home. We were isolated from each other for five long years. I couldn’t call you because all the phone numbers were disconnected. The only contact I had was an email address. You couldn’t write to me because your emails were monitored by your dad. I only visited you once when you were sixteen years old. It was during the time you took driving lessons. You practiced driving with my rental car when I was there. Part of your practice was driving on the freeway and you had a log to keep track of the activities. I was so nervous and gripped both side of the seat but pretended to be calm. There was a big truck moving slow in front of us and you wanted to maintain the speed so you passed over the truck. The truck driver was pissed off, sped up and passed over you. I was relieved when we exited the freeway.

The day we were reunited after you turned eighteen, was the most joyous day in my life. I visited you when you roomed with several housemates.  I wanted to be with you so much, even just sitting in the living room while you did your college work or did things with your friends. I was content with being in each other’s life.

It touched my heart seeing you grew into a kind, sensitive, considerate, helpful, tenderhearted, and compassionate young lady.

In the years followed, I enjoyed our hour-long conversation on the phone. I appreciated your trust and shared your feelings, concerns, and everyday life with me. You were not a little girl anymore. I shared my experience, my suggestions, but always encouraged you to make your own choices. My saying to you was always, “Don’t rush, listen and follow your heart!” In that, I believed that God would speak to your heart and helped you make right choices.

On one visit, we went to a shop to do ceramic painting together. I had so much fun doing it like we took ceramic painting class when you were young. You enjoyed playing board games, so did I. We were compatible also, so we always made time for games during my visits to you.

game 4

I was thankful for your desire to serve the community and found a job that allowed you to help people in need. You could have worked for big financial firms and made good money. but your heart was, and is, with people. I’m so proud of you.

It was God’s guidance in your life and brought a loving husband to you and got married in May 2011, I’m grateful for that. You both have a desire to learn and to grow as a couple. Most of all, you want to learn to be a sensitive spouse to each other and let your love and bonding grow. You also want to grow individually by spending separate time with the gal and guy friends. Your journey may have ups and downs but it is beautiful.

It’s a privilege to have both you and Will in our life. I thank God to keep us as a loving family. I always look forward to spending time with you both, either have you come to visit, or going to visit you. We’ll see you next month.

I love you so very much!


p.s. during our visit in March 2017, Mercy and Will shared with us that they were expecting their first baby.



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