Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bloom


Welcome to my garden. After the heavy rain in the winter, I’m delighted to see some blooms in my garden. The flowers I include here represent several of many types of flowers I have grown. Some of them are not in bloom yet. They are mostly perennial with some annual plants. As far as flowers, there are forty-five rose bushes including ten iceberg roses, one yellow daisy bush, three hibiscus bushes, one crossed bred camellia with red and white colors, one fuchsia bougainvillea, four kinds of lily, several bushes of geranium, and lavender bushes. I layer the different heights of annual flowers, medium height such as snapdragon flowers, and  shorter height for borders such as vinca, impatiens, cyclamen. I also grow fruit trees, date palms and other green plants.

For a while, I had only red roses. When I look around the neighborhood and see other beautiful colors, I added white iceberg roses, pink, yellow and other colors of roses. I love my garden. When I get up in the morning, the first thing for me to do is to make some coffee and go out to my garden. I feel that it’s a good way to start my day.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bloom


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