Mourning Dove

gray jay 1

This pair of Mourning Dove is the first birds coming back to my back yard after being gone for the winter.

I started bird watching and bird feeding last year. This pair of Mourning Dove was frequent visitors. They built a nest in the tree behind the wall; the female bird laid eggs and incubated the eggs. Somehow the eggs were stolen either by the squirrel or by a cat.

The female Mourning Dove was mourning for the loss for many days. The first day, she was sitting on her felly on the grass, motionless for almost ten minutes. The male Mourning Dove was standing, facing her about one foot away. He also didn’t move a feather. I couldn’t believe the scene. I was hiding behind the patio chair to take photos of them, and watched the timer in the camera. Finally, the female bird stood up and moved slowly. Then the male bird stretched his legs and wings, also moved around a little bit. The male gray jay showed such sensitivity toward the female bird. That was an unforgettable sight to me.

Now they are coming back all the way from south. They remember my backyard! I quickly poured out some bird seeds for them. They feel very much at home. When I go in and out to do things in the garden, they are not bothered or frightened by me. Only if I walk too close to them, they would fly away.

I welcome them back, and hope they will try again to make their offspring.

gray jay 2

gray jay 3

gray jay 4


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