Tuesday Photo Challenge – Curve

For this challenge, I included a google photo of Fort Macon in North Carolina, US, to provide a bird’s-eye view. We took photos of the curved walls and the cannon on top of the vaulted rooms of Fort Macon during our visit.

Fort Macon

The Five-sided with curved corners Fort Macon is constructed of bricks and stones. Twenty-six vaulted rooms (also called casemates) are enclosed by outer walls that average 4 1/2 feet thick. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the region around Beaufort was highly vulnerable to attack. The successive wars with Spain, France and Great Britain during the Colonial Period provided a constant threat of coastal raids by enemy warships.

2016.12.28 fort1.2

2016.12.28 fort3

2016.12.28 fort2

2016.12.28 fort5

Fort Macon became the State Park, and  was open to public since 1936. It won the 2015 North Carolina State Park of the Year.

Source: http://www.ncparks.gov/fort-macon-state-park/history

Dutch Go Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Curve



  • Wow! That’s a lot of curves. I enjoyed the history lesson.

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  • Your Pics are always so beautiful!

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  • Come to think of it, did not realize how vulnerable the US was barely 100 years back. We saw the batteries on sandy hook facing the bay of New York. Cannot imagine that today!

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  • Love the pics. I hadn’t heard of Ft Macon and live in SC — looks like a good weekend trip!

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  • I live a bit over an hour from the fort!

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  • Great blog, close to my heart and close to home since I live in 15 minutes down the road 🙂 Grew up playing in the Fort.

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    • Wow, you’re lucky. Do they allow skateboarding. We walked then sitting on the wall, dangling our legs while we had lunch. It was fun. The lower level was a prison. Wasn’t it?

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      • Yeah it is breathtaking sitting on the inner wall looking out at the ocean. I don’t remember ever seeing any skateboarders at the Fort ever, so they probably don’t allow it or, you’d have seen them…lol…skateboarding was big when I was younger.

        Yes the prison parts were underneath, as well as sleeping quarters. The outer wall we could only get into part(the under part) of because it was always full of water. But there were some small sections that you could venture into but not far and not too big. We asked once what was past the under part(on the outer wall) and the guy said, they didn’t know because as far as he knew, no one had ever been due to the water. Now, I am 49 and that had to be when I was 12 or 13. I am sure they have explored those parts by now. And maybe they had then too but told that to us young’uns so we wouldn’t go exploring. lol. We’d go until it got knee deep water and too dark to see, then we’d get scared and go back to the door openings.

        It didn’t have much staff when we were young, maybe one person roaming the actual fort and one working the little information center. Now, its has a lot larger staff. It was really raw back in the days when we were young. They hadn’t done any restorations, or reinforcemants, etc. It was pretty much the way it was when they quit using it.

        You must have been there after a storm or a lot of rain because the water doesn’t usually stand like that between the inner and outer walls unless we’ve had a pretty good rain.

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        • Yes, we were there right after Hurricane Katrina. We booked the ticket way ahead, so my husband didn’t want to change the plane ticket. He wanted to go diving. Our hotel was flooded. The owner told us to drive inland for 7 miles before trying to find an hotel. Then we phone all the dive shops. They answered calls but not boat was going out. One dive shop called back saying 4 marine guys just came by and wanted to dive and asked my husband if he wanted join them. My husband was please to go. They drove the boat 40 miles off shore and it was very calm. They had a good dive, even saw some dolphins.
          If the Park was not well maintained, why would it get the 2015 State Park award?

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          • I didn’t mean it wasn’t a nice place, it was just the way it was. A nice old fort, like stepping back in time 🙂 If I remember correctly they did some restoration in the early 1930’s and they began restoration in the early 2000’s. Although, I am sad to say I haven’t been since they did any of the recent restorations. We tried a couple of times but the parking lots were always packed. It use to be that you could go anytime and always find a half empty parking lot but over the past decade, that’s not the case any more. But I have the memories of it and they are happy ones. I believe they have added visitors centers, and several new building but I have not visited any. When I was young, it was just a fort, parking lot and some public restrooms lol and lots of fun memories 🙂

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            • I know how I feel about certain places I had been when younger. Those places were not as popular, less traffic, more peaceful and fun places to go. When more people go, as you said, parking become a problem. We went long time ago. I know know what it is like right now. As far as travel, we don’t go to the same place more than 1 or 2 times, except when we go to relax, not tour. We went to Reno, Vegas and Maui many many times!

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              • What a blessing to go to so many places. It’s amazing. I appreciate all the pictures, and stories of your journeys, since I haven’t been to any of the places you’ve gone. I know I can look them up on line or in books but I find that it’s people like yourself that take the best pictures, and have the best stories. That love and have an appreciation for God’s beauty. 🙂

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                • Yes, I find the same. When I look up sightseeing images, they don’t mean too much to me. Before I blog, I post photo with “narration” on Facebook, my friends said they felt like they were going on the trip with me. haha! The trips went by so fast, so we I do posts, I do my research and confirm the names of places before I post with description. There are still quite a few travel journeys I want to post, but need to do some work before I post!!!

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              • Your friends are correct. It does feel like I am on the trip with you 🙂

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