Weekly Photo Challenge – It Is Easy Being Green

Hi, I’m Garden Frog! Welcome to My Garden! It IS Easy Being Green! I’m always green, but the garden… we’ll wait and see in the summer!

Please see poem below, by Mick E Talbot in responding to photos of this post!

There are some early blooms in my garden. But most of the flowers are still waiting for more sun to bring out their splendid colors. After a couple months of heavy rain in the winter, my garden and yard are still in eye soothing green.

The iceberg roses and pink roses still have the green buds.

Both the jade plant and the rosemary are going crazy. They are almost overgrown.

The lavender has one strand of purple flowers ready to bloom. The mixed plants flower bed has no signs of flowers yet!

As far as the Date Palms. They are almost reaching to the sky!

Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

Haiku, senryu comment.

simply green
If truth be known
it breaths for us
we breath for it
now surplus well nearly
hence all the fuss
carbon dioxide
we wouldnโ€™t survive one gasp
important is green
keeping the air clean
the way it was still should be
like your greens all do
dependant on you
your nurturing loving care
thanks for the fresh air

Amazing photos, a beautiful garden of Miriam Hurdle.

ยฉ Mick E Talbot at 



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