Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense Fog

Fog in snow 1

My husband’s birthday is in early January. He likes to go north, snowy places for his birthday. One year, we decided to visit my sister and her family in Vancouver B.C. Canada for New Year’s Eve and New Year. We were planning to go to Whistler, a Skiing Resort. Upon checking out the weather report; we found out there was raining and heavy snow. Our car was not prepared to drive in snow. My brother-in-law decided to take us to a nearby mountain for snowboarding. When we got there, the mountain presented to us a heavy and dense fog. There was a big crowd doing snowboarding. They might find snowboarding in a dense fog challenging. It was my husband’s first time doing snowboarding. A real challenge to him for sure. My niece and nephew had a lot of fun. They snowboarded to the bottom. Then used the cable if needed, to help them get up to the top of the mountain, and went again. For me, I was a good spectator and a good cheerleader!

Fog in snow 2

Fog in snow 4

Fog in snow 5

Fog in snow 6

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense


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