Dense City – Hong Kong

HK 8

March 21, 2017 marked my 40th year being in USA. I came from Hong Kong to Portland, Oregon as a student. The campus in Portland was surrounded by sky high pine trees. I remember telling my family that I was living in a forest!

Hong Kong has a special place in my heart. I spent my childhood, my teenage years and my young adulthood there. What I liked the most was everything was close by. Many places I wanted to go were within walking distance. Public transportation system was fabulous even when it was forty years ago. It was easy to get together with friends. One of my leisure things to do was walking miles in “downtown” Kowloon for window shopping.

Our flat was small. The refrigerator was small. We didn’t need a big refrigerator because my mom went to the market for every meal. We couldn’t be packrats, because there was no room for storage. The good thing was that we didn’t acuminate things we never used for years. We only kept what was essential to life.

I just did a little research on the density of population in the world. As of July, 2016, Hong Kong is the 4th dense city in the world. It has 427 square miles (1,106 square kilometers) of land. The population is 7,346,700 with 17,208 people per square mile or 6,644 people per square kilometers.

Population density chart

HK 7

HK 6

People are everywhere in Hong Kong. I was born a city girl, and I am still a city girl. I enjoy traveling, but always want to come back to the city where I am living – southern California.

                  40 years                     Featured Image -- 9727

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense


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