Now or Later

Before cell phones, I used to memorize phone numbers. I can’t estimate the number of phone numbers I memorized, but I was referred to as phone directory. When cell phones get popular, I depend on it to store the phone numbers and my brain gets lazy.

It was hard when I misplaced keys, glasses, or looked at an acquaintance and couldn’t remember her name.  I tried to concentrate and pray. Many times I found the misplaced items immediately. My memory is still there, but it takes longer to retrieve information.

My husband and I have regular place for keys, glasses, cell phones, and other daily use items. When we need them, we could reach them right away.

The funny thing is when I went on trips; I tried to hide my important things in a secret place. It was so secret that when I returned from the trips, I forgot what the secret place was!

Both my husband and I realize that our short term memory is not as quick as when we were younger. Therefore, when something needed to be done, we usually do it right away, instead of wait until later. If we can’t do it right away, we write it on a note paper, record it on the cell phone, or send a text to ourselves.

As for me, I love playing board games or computer games. I also take classes for the retirees to continue learning new things. All these activities help my brain stays active and responds quickly.

Daily Prompt: Later


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