Epicenter One Mile from Home

earthquake 1

earthquake 3

On Friday, March 28, 2014, the ladies from church had a Women’s Movie Night. I was sitting on a couch watching the movie. Suddenly, I felt a jolt, then a violent shake for 20 to 30 seconds. All the ladies were sitting tight, praying while things in the kitchen were tumbling down.

As soon as the quake stopped, our attention went to News channels. We found out that there was a 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck ONE mile east of La Habra where I live, resulting in isolated power outages and damage that included ruptured water mains and broken glass in Orange County, California. The temblor was one in a sequence of more than 20 quakes that hit the area within less than two hours, seismologists said.

I had never experienced an epicenter of earthquake so close to home. I was anxious to get home to access the damage. As soon as I opened the door, I found my favorite crystal vase with a dozen red roses on the floor. The vase was chattered. Then I found my husband’s miniature car collection fell on the floor. Rushing to the living room and I saw my collection of angels fell sideways, but fortunately was not broken. Opened the front door, and I saw a couple garden sculptures were broken. Anxiously, I ran upstairs and downstairs, and the garage to check everything. There were other damages, cupboard doors swung open, and things fallen on the floor also.

It was quite a scary moment!

earthquake 4

earthquake 2

An earthquake triggered a rockslide that caused a car to overturn, Brea police said. Bottles of wine at a store in La Mirada were toppled from shelves (two photos from the media).

Daily Prompt: Jolt


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