Tuesday Photo Challenge – Healthy Grieving

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April 2nd, 2017 would have been Randy’s 63rd birthday. He died of mountain biking accident 15 months ago. Randy was my husband’s best friend for 12 years. They were workout buddies. They went for pizza and movie once a week, and did mountain biking on Saturdays. We had regular game nights or barbecue dinners.

A year before Randy passed away, my husband got a job at an imagining center that required him to work overtime on weekdays and weekends. He was not able to do things with Randy as often as he wanted.

The second week of January, 2016, Randy went mountain biking with another friend. He had a terrible accident that smashed his head and face. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the emergency room.

My husband and I were shocked of the incidence. Two weeks later, my husband finally broke out and cried for his loss of his best friend. I held him on my shoulder and stroke his back. I let him cry until he felt better. Some people think that “Big boys don’t cry.” But I think crying is a healthy way to express our grief for the loss. It’s healthy for big boys and big girls to cry and grief for their loss.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Healthy Grieving