Dangerous Weather

Maui 1

Maui 2

Maui 3

In my previous post The Road Taken, I wrote about one of our trips to Maui. The rain storm was hitting the island (photo 4 and 5). The down pour rain put us in danger when driving through the twist and turn of Road to Hana. The danger lied in the passing point where there was “no visibility” due to the narrow space and sharp turns of the road.

Before the rainfall pouring down, we passed by an area with breathtaking view of the cliff along the ocean. This area was dangerous during stormy and windy time. On this day, the cloud formations and the white heads of the waves showed signs of strong wind and rough current. I insisted on going to the edge of the cliff for photos. There was a U shape basin at the bottom of the cliff before reaching the ocean. As I walked toward the ocean, at the corner of my eyes, I saw two overturned vehicles, one car and one truck. After taking a couple photos, I wanted to take a photo of the fallen vehicles. The wind was so strong that I couldn’t keep a steady footing. I was not able to move close to the edge to see the vehicles again without risking of being blown down to the basin.

It was an exciting and nervous trip in our familiar travel location!

Featured Image -- 9727

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!


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