Thursday Special – Pick A Word in May -Y2

Paula Borkovic “Lost in Translation” at hosts a THURSDAY’S SPECIAL

For this week, it is a PICK A WORD IN MAY – Y2. Here is the word list:

Confined, Jazzy, Patulous (as in overgrown), Momentous (as in life-changing), and  Serene (as in serenissima)

I picked the word Patulous as in overgrown. One neighbor has grown some Morning Glory years ago. The flowers are very pretty. It is a vine that crawls wherever it has a little space. After a few years, their slope in the backyard is covered with Morning Glory. The vine also goes over to several neighborhoods. I have special plants on my slope, so I always guard it for coming to my slope.

Petulous 1

Petulous 2

Petulous 3


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