Tuesday Photo Challenge – Tidal Waves

Frank’s Photo Challenge this week is “Falling Water.” He states that there are many ways in which water can fall. My thought turned to the tidal waves.

Mercy and Will came to spend Thanksgiving with us last year. Will would like to go whale watching off of Huntington Beach, California. On the day we went, the tide was receded. When the tide is low, the water is calm and has a better chance to see the whales.

It was a mild sunny day in November. As the boat went out into the ocean, we watched the water closely with anticipation. Oh wow! We were not disappointed. Many whales came to the surface of the water.

On our way back to the harbor, we got a bonus to see the seals sunbathing. What a pleasant trip!

waterfall.whale wating 1

waterfall.whale wating 2

waterfall.whale wating 3

waterfall.whale wating 4

waterfall.whale wating 5

waterfall.whale wating 6

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Falling Water



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