Wants vs. Needs


Once upon a time, a little boy was told that he could put his hand in the candy jar and take some candies. He had only one chance to take as much as he could in one hand fold.

The boy had his eyes wide open. He put his hand into the jar, stretched the fingers as wide as he could. He dug deep into the candies and grabbed a whole bunch in a tight grip. When he retrieved his hand, only to find that his grip couldn’t pass the neck of the jar. He loosened the fingers to let go some. Still, his grip got stuck in the neck of the jar. He let go some more; and some more, until he could hold the amount of candies that allowed him to retrieve his hand from the jar.

He looked at the jar and looked at his hand. He smiled!

The amount of candies the little boy once had was temporary. What he finally could hold and retrieve his hand from the jar was reality!


Daily Prompt: Temporary


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