Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend / 52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 13


This is the 52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 13 at Haddon Musings



When I was in bio-chemotherapy treatment for melanoma cancer in 2009, it was also a time when my husband went back to school getting his MRI/CT licenses. I was in no shape of driving. Jolyn from my church fellowship group jumped right in to coordinate and have people signed up to give me rides.

I needed rides to the hospital for each of the four cycles of the 5-day treatment. I checked out on Sunday, so my husband could pick me up from the hospital. After discharged, I also needed rides for follow up appointments. Toward the end of six months, a professor’s wife drove me to the appointment. She said, “I’m glad I got my chance to drive you before you don’t need drivers anymore.”

It made me feel my friends were lining up to get their turn to help me. During driving, I had no energy to talk.  But I could be myself and not feel obligated to talk, because it wasn’t social time. My friends who drove me didn’t feel it was social time either.

Jolyn also scheduled people to bring meals to me. She told my friends that they didn’t have to come into my home because I was in no shape to receive visitors. She also told me that I shouldn’t have to invite them in.

During those six months, I was totally helpless. I was only a receiver of blessings. I’m thankful for all my friends who blessed me with their prayer support, continued to send me sympathy cards and emails, and provided help in tangible ways. What great friends I have!


Please visit and share your thankfulness at 52 Weeks of Thankfulness

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend


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