Imaginary Mountain


When I was done with the bio-chemotherapy and radiation in 2009, I only had the summer to rest. I needed to go back to work for one more year to make the most of my retirement. I worked twenty-four years for my last school district. As the district policy, if I worked twenty-four years, the calculation of my retirement income would be based on the average income of the highest three consecutive years. If I worked twenty-five years, the calculation would be based on one year of the highest income. For this reason, I went back to work for one more year.

I was not in a good shape to go back to work. During that year, whenever one co-worker got sick, I got sick. My immune system has no ability to fight germs. I had severed cold three times. My sick leave days were down to minimum. What I did was to leave work two hours early to go to the doctor. I was able to take two hours leave for four times to count as one sick day. I looked so much forward to the end of the year for my retirement!

My body didn’t start to recuperate until one year after the treatment. There was one incident illustrated very well of how physically weak I was. I went to a store to get a hummingbird feeder. The section with all the pet items was in the back of the store at the far right corner. When I went to the cashier in the front of the store to pay, I changed my mind of the color of the feeder. I asked the cashier if someone could go to the back of the store and get me the other color. They wouldn’t do that for me.

I looked at the corner of the pet section, diagonally from where I was standing. My whole body felt there was an imaginary mountain in front of me. Yet I only had enough energy to go home. So I left the hummingbird feeder with the cashier.

Getting the hummingbird feeder would be another task for another day!

~   ~   ~

Daily Prompt: Imaginary


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