Villanelle: Miriam

Mick Talbot wrote a poem with my name as the title, and had my name five times in the poem. I’m blushing. The honor is overwhelming. Thank you, Mick!

Mick E Talbot Poems


Villanelle poems what a joy
To write a few more my ploy
Inspired by Miriam Hurdle

Lines one and three
The bases for all you will see
Villanelle poems what a joy

Miriam I cant thank you enough
Unlike some forms not tough
Inspired by Miriam Hurdle

This one I dedicate to you
Before I read yours I had not a clue
Villanelle poems what a joy

˜I Ponder’, my first attempt
Now I am hooked and finding it hard to relent
Inspired by Miriam Hurdle

Cant thank you enough Miriam
Excited I truly am
Villanelle poems what a joy
Inspired by Miriam Hurdle

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

A thank you again, and your friend Teresa for inspiring you too.


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