Into Perfection

pizza 5

First time homemade pizza

My husband tried to perfect his homemade pizza. The first time he made it was on April 15 this year as Easter surprise for me. Since then, he made it the second time, but it was too chewy. Two day ago, he did it for the third time. He was quite happy with it.

What he did differently than the previous two times was that, after he mixed the pizza dough, he left it out in room temperature overnight. The yeast in the dough raised it to a big ball. He put it back into the refrigerator the next morning until evening for cooking. Before he put in the topping, he brushed the bottom part of the pizza with olive oil.

 When it was done cooking, the pizza was crispier and the crust was tastier because of the two additional steps described above. As far as the toppings, the veggie portion was for me!

Well, I baked a Marion berry pie to go with the pizza!

pizza 2

pizza 3

pizza 4

Daily Prompt: Crisp


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