Food Volume

I still remember the neighborhood of my childhood. The memory is still fresh of the types of stores within the block where we lived. The bakery made fresh bread every day at four o’clock in the afternoon. We bought one pound of white bread for our afternoon snack. We could buy cookies and crackers in small amounts such as several pieces for a quarter.

My mom went to the market twice a day to buy fresh food for the meals of the day. She didn’t need to store any food in the refrigerator. The refrigerator was the size of a dish washer.

I don’t remember we needed to buy anything in large volume. We could go to a hardware store to buy a few pieces of nails; go to the pharmacy to get a few pain tablets; or a grocery store to get four ounces of sugar or salt. The only large volume of food item that my mom bought was rice. Since rice was the major diet, my mom bought 50 pounds of rice at a time and stored in a large ceramic jug.

I look at my life here in U.S. We buy most of the daily use items in large volume. When I go shopping, I read labels a lot. I compare the amount per ounce, and try to get the most out of the buck. I usually go to a large warehouse for certain items, because I could save a few dollars for larger volume. One disadvantage of buying things in large volume is the lack of freshness.

I especially don’t want to have large volume of snack items available around the house. It’s too convenient to grab it and stuff in the mouth when we don’t need the extra food in our stomach.

I still miss the days when I could get one pound of freshly baked bread every day or several cookies for a quarter!


Daily Prompt: Volume


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