Around the Lake

Loop 1

We are delighted to live so close to Laguna Lake. It’s within walking distance, but the road is a little hilly, so most of the time we drive there. The loop around the lake is 0.77 miles (1.24 km). My husband usually runs two or three times around the lake in the afternoon. I may get to walk one or two rounds. With the sunny blue sky, thick or thin clouds, the ducks, birds, and turtles, I sometimes enjoy taking photos and don’t get to walk too much. I give an excuse to myself because I work out at the gym in the morning.

It’s a relaxing place to go for walking, taking photos, and watch people fishing, horseback riding, walking their dogs. I’m thankful to have a local, beautiful, well- maintained lake so close to home.

Daily Prompt: Loop

Daily Prompt: Local

Daily Prompt: Sunny


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