Tuesday Photo Challenge – Music

Frank’s theme for Tuesday Photo Challenge this week is “Music.” Wow! “Where Do I Begin?” I started learning music as a teenager. I took music theory, piano, and voice lessons. I have been singing most part of my life.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The photos show a few of my performances, my favorite classical composers and their music, a few of the operas seen many times, the two ballet performances I’ve seen the most, and my hero Plácido Domingo. He started performing and conducting as a teenager. At 76 years old, he continues to be the Director of LA Opera, conductor and performer in operas. He has a golden voice of tenor. In 2013, he took on the baritone role. He is a major influence in my life to continue singing!

I have written several poems about music. I re-post one of them here!

Music 1

Music 2


Tunnel of music, my great hideout

Surrounded by musical sounds

Utters the unspoken language

Sounds out the unspeakable profound

Carries me to cloud nine

Wings my spirit high

Laments the deep sorrow

Echoes in my heart’s hollow

Speaks for my heartbreak

Clashes my entangled struggle

Dances for the joyous chance

Drums the rhythmic victory

Waves my fantasy dream

Serenate my romantic love

My symphony

My empathy

My company


Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Music


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