Paper or Paperless

Go paperless! Every time I get online to pay bills. A dialogue box popped up first, ask if I want to switch to paperless. So I click “no.”

I pay bills online or put them on autopay. As far as the billing statement, I still want to receive paper statements and file them in their categories by month. I like to spread them side by side to do comparison.

My husband subscribes paper magazines. One magazine stopped printing and switched to online subscription. That was the one he stopped the subscription. He likes to turn the pages.

Many of my friends, especially the ones who are in the Book Club, prefer paper books rather than e-Book. There is something about the scent of the book, the touching of the pages, and being able to write a few notes or underline some sentences.

We are not killing as many trees, but paper still has precious value.


Daily Prompt: Paper


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