Sharing Responsibility

Mourning Dove 1

The male Mourning Dove stood next to the female dove, waiting to take over the incubation so that the female dove could take a chance to eat. He did that a few times a day. I decided to put some bird seeds close by for their feeding.

Mourning Dove 2

Mourning Dove 3

I have been calling these birds Grey Jay. One blogger Dormis Aeternitas did his research and sent me the information that these are  Mourning Doves. Thank you.                                                      The mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) is a member of the dove family, Mourning Dove 4Columbidae. The bird is also known as the American mourning dove or the rain dove, and erroneously as the turtle dove, and was once known as the Carolina Pigeon or Carolina Turtledove. It is one of the most abundant and widespread of all North American birds.



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