Working Together

We haven’t had the interior of the house painted for also ten years. Some paint got scratched off or just looks old. Our house faces north and south, so do most of our windows. That means we don’t get the sun when the sun rises and we don’t get the sun when sunsets either.  The good advantage of it is that the house keeps cool. The disadvantage is that the house is not too bright with natural sunlight. We have several skylights, that helps to bring some sunlight into the house.

I do want my house looks brighter, so we don’t need to depend on turning the lights on all the time. My husband finally agreed on the color I picked for the major rooms where we spend a lot of our time. This time I really want to paint in lighter beige color with a warmer tone rather than yellowish tone.

The projected has started today. Since I’m the picky one, I do the detail work. We just had new doors and new door trims several years ago. I don’t want the paint accidentally touches on the trims. So I use the 3M tapes to tape the trims. All my husband has to do is to paint the areas that are not covered by the tapes. He knows his strength and tolerance. He stopped working before he gets too tired. When he gets tired, he gets frustrated. I want this to be a pleasant project. Something we could work together.

He is happy with the arrangement. We had a good day working together on the first day. Hopefully, we could finish the big project by Friday. I promised to treat him for a nice dinner at any restaurants, After all, he would be doing most of the work!

House work 5

House work 6


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