SoCS July 8, 2017 – The “ick” Story

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘ick.’ Find a word with ‘ick’ in it or use it as a word itself. Have fun!” – Linda G. Hill

We did house painting four out of five days this week. The outside temperature was in upper 90o, while the inside was in 80o. By midnight on Friday, we finished painting three bedrooms and the hallway upstairs plus the stairway. Even though the inside was cooler than outside, but upstairs was like an oven. My husband wanted all the windows open to vent the fume from the paint. He didn’t want to have the fan on because the fan would stir up the dust and got into his eye. The first half an hour of each day, he was sweaty and sticky already.

I did all the taping and peeling off the tapes on the door trims because I’m very picky. I want clean and clear lines between the walls and door trims. A couple hours after the finished painting was the best time to peel off the tapes. I used a utility knife to slit, separate the paint from the tapes before I peeled them off.

We did our bedroom on Friday. We had to keep working until all the tapes were peeled off, the furniture was moved back to the original positions, and everything was put back in the closet and drawer. The last 15 minutes of work, I felt pretty sick and exhausted. Mentally we tried to push to the finishing line, but my voice got funny, and my body told me that I went over the limit.

It was 11:45 p.m. when we put the sheets and cover on the bed. I rushed to the bathroom and soaked in a nice Eucalyptus sea salt and bubble warm bath for 20 minutes. It was a nice and quick relaxant to my tightening muscles. We went to sleep with just a click!


SoCS July 8, 2017 – The “ick” Story


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