First BBQ in 18 Months

We used to have barbecue often with my husband’s best friend Randy. He died of mountain bike accident eighteen months ago. After Randy passed away, my husband seemed to lose interest in having a barbecue. I’m not sure if he was not motivated to do it because Randy was not around anymore, or if we do, it would bring back the memory of him.

Anyway, we had an enjoyable barbecue on a quiet Sunday night. It was done as a celebration and a reward for doing our home improvement. We did house painting in the previous week but took last week off. It felt good going to the gym for four days and watched movies at night.


2014 Merlot –  a glass of red wine to go with the Ribeye Steak


Lynton made homemade potato chips


Barbecue a 1.85 pounds Ribeye Steak


I could only eat 2 ounces. Lynton didn’t mind finish the rest of the steak

We will resume the house painting tomorrow (Monday) with enthusiasm and energy.


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