SoCS July 29, 2017

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘limb.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!” – Lind G. Hill

After my bio-chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation for six months in 2009, it took care of the stage IV Melanoma cancer. A whole chunk of lymph nodes was removed to get rid of the shrunk tumors. It left me with no fluid circulation on my left leg. The fluid from the left leg goes up until it hits the wall in the left hip area with the missing lymph nodes that were supposed to circulate the fluid to my upper body. So the gravity draws to fluid back to my left leg.

The problem would be solved if I could walk upside down, or stay on the Inversion Table most of the day. There are routine exercises I do to promote the circulation, and massage to manually push the fluid to the upper body. Elevating my legs above the heart level would also be helpful. All these have to be done daily. If I get lazy for a few days, my left leg would get so puffy and get so much pressure that would keep me up all night long.

Hot weather doesn’t help at all. The previous week was so hot. The pressure of the fluid in my left leg actually burst through a tiny pore and kept dripping for half an hour.

I’m grateful for my survival of a stage IV cancer. The side effect I’m still suffering is nothing compared to a life I enjoy. The love life I have with my husband and the strong bonding with my daughter and son-in-law give me joy for my living. They are my motivation to live with the Strength from Above.


SoCS July 29, 2017 – Limb


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