SoCS August 5, 2017 – High/Low

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “high/low.” Use one, use both, bonus points for starting and finishing with one or both. Have fun! – Linda G Hill

Smoke high in the sky – British Columbia, Canada remains under a state of emergency as 123 wildfires continue to burn across the province. This season is now B.C.’s worst fire season in almost six decades and officials say it will only get worse.

Due to the British Columbia Wildfire, the smoke has been drifting to Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon. I have been checking the weather in Portland the last five days. The temperature was as high as 100o on Wednesday, August 2nd, and 101o on Thursday, August 3rd. It will be gradually getting lower and lower. The first half of August remains in the upper 90s. The second half of August will be in the upper 80s to upper 70s toward the end of the month.

Mercy’s baby is due on September 19th. I am glad to hear that she stays cool at home and in her office as the temperature in both places is lower.


SoCS – August 5, 2017 – High/Low


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