SoCS August 19, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “pant.” Use one the word “pant” as is, or find a word with “pant” in it and base your post on it. Have fun! – Lind G Hill

I arrived Portland on Tuesday night, was eagerly anticipant of my daughter’s Baby Shower on Saturday. My daughter’s best friend coordinates the Shower. I was a proud participant of hosting team by preparing food and drinks.

Will’s cousin and her daughter arrived from Seattle on Thursday night to attend the Shower on Saturday. Will and Mercy took Friday off to spend time with them. The weather was very mild. Will took us to the river in Moulton Falls Regional Park in Washington. We stopped by one area with calm water. Both Will and Mercy jumped into the cool water. I rolled up my pants and got my feet and legs wet. The nearby Water Fall was gorgeous. Mercy and I both enjoy photography; we lingered and snapped the shots from different angles. It was such a relaxing afternoon with family.

Moulton Fall 1

Moulton Fall 2

With a pant, Will jumped into the water

Moulton Fall 3

Mercy and the baby are swimming

Moulton Fall 4

In the evening, I did my assignment of preparing the fruit skewers. I am excited about the baby Shower and expect to have many, many participants.


Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS August 19, 2017


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