SoCS August 26, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start with “WHEN.” Write whatever you’d like, but begin your post with the word “when.” Enjoy! – Linda


WHEN I worked in my garden the last four day, it made me think that “There is no such thing as maintenance free garden.”

I couldn’t do too much to maintain my garden earlier in the summer because of the heat. Due to my post melanoma condition, I would get heat rash when I am outdoor under the hot sun or indoor in a hot Jacuzzi.

Last couple weeks, the temperature was lower. It is comfortable to work in my garden. Since I couldn’t do anything for several months, there is a lot of work to do. The twenty-four rose bushes need to be trimmed. The dead flowers need to be removed and new flowers to be planted. All the flowers need to be fertilized. The sixteen Date Palm plants need to be trimmed badly.

I did about four hours of work each day for one section of the garden. By the end of the fourth hour, I could feel that my energy came to the end. I quickly wrapped up and went straight for a warm bath with Epson salt and Eucalyptus Sea salt to soothe my tiredness. There is one more day to go to finish my flower section. Some Date palms are getting taller than me. My husband will help to trim the tall ones. It will take many days of work just to trim the Date Palms.




WHEN I worked in my garden, it also made me think that “There is no such thing as maintenance free relationship.” In order to keep a good relationship, we need the ongoing communication, commitment, confirmation, consideration, cooperation, and compromise.

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Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS August 25, 2017


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