Blessed Wedding

We attended our friends’ daughter’s wedding today. Both the bride and groom are twins. The bride is a fraternal twin and the groom is an identical twin. They both are engineers. Both fathers of the bride and the groom, the Maid of Honor – the bride’s sister, and the Best Man – the groom’s twin brother gave touching stories about the bride and the groom.

Six weeks before the wedding, my friend went to the store to pick up her daughter’s wedding gown. It was before the store hour when she was let in, to get her daughter’s gown. Right after that, the store was officially shut down, because the owner filed bankruptcy on the previous day. My friend ordered her gown from the same store and was not allowed to pick it up. It was such a blessing that the bride’s gown was picked up to avoid any stress on the pride. A customed made wedding gown takes at least six months to order in advance.

Everything went well with the wedding, even though it sprinkled for a while but didn’t rain. We sat at a table with all the friends of twenty-eight years – my friend and her daughter made the seating arrangement. We had a wonderful four hours of talking with each other, catching up the latest of what happened to each others’ lives.


Most of all, we are happy for the blessed new couple.



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