SoCS September 9, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “motive.” Use the word “motive,” in any form, in your post. Enjoy! – Linda G Hill

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I want to finish the trimming and planting in my garden before winter. What is my motive? I want to get it all done before September 14. That’s the day I go to Portland, Oregon, five days before my grandbaby is born.

I planted some flowers, but the heat wave returned and killed quite a few before they get rooted. I bought some more flowers. The rain clouds have drifted our way. I decided to replant them today.

I have neglected the Date Palm trees the whole summer because I couldn’t be in the hot sun. As a result, the eighteen Date Psalms were overgrown. I set a goal of trimming one a day. After trimming several, I was interrupted. Finally, the last few days, my motive of finishing the job got greater. I trimmed four trees in one day, three the next day, and two yesterday. There are four more to do.


My last job is to tidy up my office/family room. One month ago I decided to rearrange the furniture. I have books from three book shelves. I stacked up some and piled some on the couches. At the meantime, I decided to recycle or donate some of my books. There is a great motive to get rid of some books.  I simply have too many books. Now I’ll have to sort out the books that I don’t want to keep. I hope I can get it done next week.


I’m glad that going to Portland to meet my new grandbaby gives me a great motive to finish the gardening before winter. It also gives me a strong motive to tidy up my office before my trip.


Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS September 9, 2017


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