Tuesday Photo Challenge – Dark

I wish we were living in the neighborhood of Mercy and Will. We could hop over to each other’s home for dinner with one phone call’s notice. We love to play board games and we could play games until it’s almost bedtime. Mercy and Will are pretty spontaneous about going places on weekends or going out to eat on week days. We love to join them frequently. Well, since we live 1,000 miles apart, we try our best to visit them as often as possible. Many times I go by myself especially before my husband retired. I usually went for a long weekend, arriving Portland on a Thursday and returning to California on a Tuesday. One reason for doing that was for Will and Mercy to pick me up after their work, and for Lynton to pick me up after his work. I had a good time taking sunset photos on the plane.

dark 1

Approaching Portland during sunset

dark 2

Arriving Portland after dark

dark 3

Approaching Ontario, California during sunset

dark 4

Almost landing the Ontario airport

Frank’s Dutch Goes the Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Dark



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