Tuesday Photo Challenge – Kitchen

The theme for this week’s Tuesday photo Challenge is KITCHEN. There are two photos of my kitchen. Can you tell which one is the old kitchen and which one is the new kitchen? Which one do you like better?

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Frank’s Dutch Goes the Photo:ย Tuesday Photo Challenge – Kitchen

66 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Kitchen

    • Thank you, Kim. The first one was before we bought this and that. So it wasn’t hard to clean. The second one was right after the remodeling. The designer asked us to take photos for her to put in her portfolio, so it was before we used the kitchen, haha! It is not that clean now!

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    • You’re right, Debbie!! It’s 10 years new. Yes, we had the kitchen open up and a different dining table turned sideways to have more room to get in and out. Thank you, Debbie. Have a good Friday! Miriam


  1. I believe the bottom picture is the new one but I like the top picture better because it looks brighter and slightly bigger. The bottom picture looks a little smaller and closed off. I would feel a little claustrophobic in that kitchen.

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