Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hills

Photos were taken today – hooray, it has been raining since last night! 

Our city and the neighboring cities are situated on hilly areas. Many homes are built with windows facing the oceans, the lights, the golf court or open area below the hills. The larger the views are, the prices of the homes go higher. All the cities have built to the limit because there is no more desirable open space to build attractive homes.

There has been a controversy since 2012 over the property of The West Coyote Hills. It contains one of the last large open-space areas in north Orange County, California. Parts of it lie within the city limits of La Habra, Buena Park, and La Mirada with most of it sprawling across western Fullerton.

A tract measuring 510 acres (2.1 km2) across the ridge of the hills, owned by Pacific Coast Homes (a land development division of the Chevron Corporation). It is the largest remaining tract of undeveloped land in north Orange County. Chevron had plans to build 760 homes on 179 acres.

With such high demand for housing, these possible 760 homes on the hills will be sold close to $1 million each and be gone in no time. Chevron Corporation will benefit a great deal.

A group called Open Coyote Hills has been leading the support while a group called Friends of Coyote Hills has led the push to preserve the entire site as open space.

The city council has a pro-development majority, which has sided with Chevron and won in Superior Court, but the decision has been appealed. In 2017, State Senator Josh Newman authored Senate Bill 714, which would prevent development. Efforts have been made to buy some or all the land from Chevron, using state funds, donations, or both.

We continue to hope the Coyote Hills will remain to be a park.

Hills 1

Hills 2

Hills 3

Hills 4

Frank’s Dutch Goes to Photo – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hills


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