Whispers and Echoes

I want to thank Sammi Fox at Dreaming Spirit Express for publishing the Whispers and Echoes Issue 3 and includes 5 pieces of my poems and short writing.

Please read and vote at https://www.wattpad.com/story/123125047-whispers-and-echoes-issue-3


Welcome to Issue 3 of Whispers and Echoes, a journal of small things, of short writing.

It’s a hectic world we live in, where so much demands our attention that we don’t always have the time to stop and relax and read. The point of Whispers and Echoes is to provide short pieces of writing – poems no longer than ten lines in lengths and stories told in under one hundred words – that are strong enough to provide about of escapism, even if, like the pieces included here, they are brief.

Just like a whisper in a dream…

Just like an echo in a cave…

To learn more about the amazing writers whose poems and flash fiction can be found below, visit our Meet the Writers page.

* Copyright remains with the author the piece is accredited to *

Losses and Gains | McKenzie Richardson

“You’re killing her!” she shouted, her eyes brimming with tears. “You’re killing my daughter, my only child.”

He reached over to comfort her, but she only turned away.

“Please, Mom.”

She glared back at him, at the body that seemed so foreign to her now. Then she took in the scar on his cheek. It was the same one her six-year-old daughter got after falling off her bike.

“I am still your child,” he pleaded in his deepening voice.

She brushed the scar with her fingertips, flooded with memories.

“I love you,” they both said, their hearts beginning to mend.

Majestic Glacier | Miriam Hurdle

I was in awe of the majestic glacier
What a persistent body of ice that
Forever will be within my sight
Silence is its sheer beauty
Never mind the global warming that
People study, argue and fear
Please stay for millions of years

Metaphysical Mystery | Sammi Cox

There was nothing much to go on. Everything looked very ordinary. A few trees, some stones, a little brook lazily flowing by…that was it.

I sat down on the ground, perplexed. Taking the little book from my pocket, I read the mysterious diary entry from 1878 once more.

A noise startled me; I looked up. Time had passed faster than I expected; I forgot once the natural light faded, darkness fell quickly out here.

And that’s when I saw it. A pearlescent shimmer on the stream-bank and the distinct outline of a doorway.

After that…I can recall no more.

Driving in the Dark | McKenzie Richardson

It looks as though / A thousand stars
Shattered and broke / And cried down little glass tears.
The roads look as if / Stricken with measles
From all of the streetlights / That penetrate this dark and silent night.
One of the roads / Twists and winds / Like a disfigured heart
Yeah, disfigured.
I wish us to make it safely
But at the same time
I want us to crash.

A Tiny Spider | Miriam Hurdle

A tiny spider labors every night to
Spins his web in perfect symmetry.
What an innate architect is he!
Patiently watches for his prey to volunteer.
Meal for the night and reward for labor and wait.
Before dawn, down his trap and hides away.
When the night is nigh he starts his day.
Spins his web, again, again, again. Again!

The Colours of Spring Sammi Cox

When the world wakes from winter’s sleep
And all growing things begin to grow once more
Dashes and splashes of paintbrush pastel
Break up the swathes of spring’s verdant richness
Pure white of snowdrops
Daffodils and cowslips yellow as the sun
Pink and purples of wild violets
Carpets of white-starred wood anemone
Pale yellow cream of primrose and pansy
Are just a few shades from the colour wheel of spring

Gone | McKenzie Richardson

I heard that you’re gone / You’re not here anymore / I’m sorry I didn’t know you better.
It may not be that I miss you; / We haven’t talked for years; / But I regret your passing
I’m sorry you’re gone / I’m sorry you’re not here.
Maybe it’s selfish of me / To feel hurt and confused about this
You had family / You had friends / I was just somebody who knew you once.
I shouldn’t feel pain about this. / But still / There is a sadness here
Like I lost something I didn’t know I had / Like a light was extinguished / I didn’t notice was on
The sun always blinded me that way.
I’m sorry that you’re gone / I’m sorry that you’re not here
But I’m not gone/ I’m still here. / The living have to live with the dead.

Hibiscus | Miriam Hurdle

There are hibiscus bushes in my garden.
They bloom today, wither tomorrow.
Their colors are cheerfully bright;
Petals are velvety, thin with energy.
Yet they live only for one day.
Wrinkles appear on the faces next sunrise.
“Sigh!” What a pity! why not stay?
They have no worry, nature was made.
When they’re alive, they live fully;
Give them all, for Creator’s glory!

The Black Cat | Sammi Cox

The black cat sat on the doorstep, its only movement a sporadic twitch of an ear. Its gaze was firmly fixed on something beyond the circle of light from the porch lamp, something that clung to the shadows.

Whatever it was, it didn’t make a sound. No dead leaf rustled. No twig snapped.

If it wasn’t for the black cat and its vigil, the dark presence would have gone unnoticed.

If it wasn’t for the guardian who stood watch throughout the night, the thing would have made it into the house it once called home, many years before…

In My Head | McKenzie Richardson

I overanalyze / And underreport / I don’t have a reason / Or a sassy retort
All I can say is / I wish it weren’t this way
But I’m left with my thoughts / And they’re all that I’ve got.

I overthink / And undershare / I’m surrounded by people / Who I know do care
But all I know / Is that I have to go
I cannot escape my own head / I need to be alone instead.

I overcompensate / And underachieve / These are the reasons / That I have to leave
They’re more like excuses / But what can I say?
I always liked fantasy / Better than reality anyway.

Rowing Boat Miriam Hurdle

I love to go rowing boat
Weather is not the matter
May the day be sunny or cloudy
Windy or even stormy
Having you in the same boat
I can go anywhere, everywhere
We had a rough day at the sea
Almost dangerous to manage
Our hearts were in touch
Our hands were in synch
Your encouraging words to me
Mine to you, all the way through
We strived until the storm passed
A day I will forever remember
The storm brought us closer
I love to go rowing boat
When you are with me

Simply Be | Sammi Cox

Take a moment
Just to breathe
To pause
To simply be
A break away
From the hustle and bustle
The always doing
Never slowing
Just to breathe
To simply be

Isn’t It? | McKenzie Richardson

Hush your thoughts / And go to sleep / I wish it were a promise / I could keep
When I tell you that / It will all be okay / It’s a lie we all believe
Isn’t it?

Close your eyes / And go to sleep / I wish I had words / To calm you as you weep
But I do not know / Just what to say / It’s a beautiful life
Isn’t it?

Rest your body / Please go to sleep / I cannot stop / These thoughts that creep
Into your head / And ruin your day
But I love you / It’s true
Isn’t it?

Raven’s Eye | Miriam Hurdle

“Do you have any water left, Dave?”

“I still have some. Take a sip. Your lips are badly chapped, Ben.”

“We have been lost in unpaved hiking trail for five days.”

“We only have water enough for two more days? I hope we could locate water soon!”

“Look, Dave! A raven is circling in the air and ready to dive down.”

“It spotted a dead deer and wanted its share. I think.”

“And the deer was drinking water?”

“That may be our hope for water, Ben.”

“We could reach down by nightfall.”

“I hope this raven saves our lives.”


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