Photo Challenge – After the Rain

My plum tree is four years old. In March 2017, the tree was full of blossoms. Thanks to the hard-working bees, we had a prolific harvest in the early summer. I took photos of the plum tree in March this year, the blossoms were scattered. I was puzzling about the difference between the two years. Then I remembered that the rain came late this past winter. The air was still cold in February and early March. As a result, there was not enough sunlight to call out the blossoms. Only after the rain and a couple weeks of warm weather, the blossoms started to appear. The harvest this year may not be as bountiful as last year.

We are thankful for the rain!


prolific 2


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77 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – After the Rain

  1. Those plums look delicious! I planted two different kinds of plum trees, one yellow, the other red. They gave us plenty of sweet and juicy fruit for about 8 years, then declined and eventually I had to cut them.

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          • Yes Miriam. Most apartments have a balcony. So potted plants adorn most of them. It’s the actual big fruit bearing trees we miss having at our backyard. My grandfather’s house had a huge orchard with mangoes, jackfruit and coconuts. But that concept is slowly fading away.

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            • I understand that’s the reality. I know how much you miss of what you had in your grandfather;s backyard. Before I moved to this house, I lived in a city that had new housing development. It still had cow ranch, sheep ranch and horse ranch with many fruit groves. During the 3 years I lived there, all the ranches were closed or moved to some remote areas so that the city can build more houses and malls.
              The city I live in right now had many orange groves when I first moved here. In fact the county is Orange County because of the growth of oranges. Now, one patch after another got the orange trees cut down and had business buildings in. Only the homes that have orange trees (like the one I have) in their garden still have them. It’s sad of the new developments. But it happens all over the world.


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